AC Buying Guide In 2020 , Air Conditioner Buying Guide In Indian

Summer has started and there is a lot of heat outbreak in every part of our India. The best time to buy an air conditioner has come. This year, it is expected that summer temperatures will be very high in every part of India. In our country the temperature is very high in the months of April, May and June. Now April is running with a temperature of 30 degrees. Now you will be very confused which air conditioner to take.

I am Raghav Bhati RV, I will tell you that you should not take any stress at all, before taking anything we should take full information of it. I am happy to inform you that on this website you will find the answer to every question related to the air conditioner.

You are looking for a air conditioner and now you are researching Aboit it. You are on right place here we are talk on Best Ac In India , AC Buying Guide , New Features In AC , FactsAbout Air Conditioner Every subject that is related to air conditioner. You will get every information related to the air conditioner and I am also going to tell you which air conditioner you should get in your budget

​At the end of this article, I have shared with you the best air conditioners of all types, so if you want to get the best air conditioner in your budget, then you go to the end of this article and you will know which AC you should take

AC Buying Guide 2020

AC Buying Guide In 2020

Facts About Air Conditioner

1. About Temperature Set

First of all, We will know how air conditioners work. People think that if we set the 25 ° degree temperature in the air conditioner, then it will give us 25 ° air temperature. If you think so, then you are also wrong. If you set the temperature of 25 ° in your air conditioner, then the air conditioner takes the temperature of that room to 25.

2. ​What Mean Of Ton In AC

Most people think that 1 ton air conditioner means that it will weigh 1 ton and if you think so, then you are wrong. This means that as much as 1 ton of ice can produce cold, as much as 1 ton of air conditioner can produce cold.

3. Why And How Does Water Leave The AC

​An air conditioner works just like a fridge. It lowers our room temperature and makes our room cool. It cools our room in the scorching heat that falls in India. In this process the inside unit creates bad water which is pumped out through the pipe. People think about this water that it is inserted inside the air conditioner and if you think the same then you are wrong.

Just like we put cold water in a glass, water comes out of it, just like when the pipe inside the air conditioner is cold, the sweaty water comes out of them and the same water comes out through the pipe and We think that so much water in air conditioners comes from .

Types Of Air Conditioner

​There are mainly 2 types of air conditioners in India. But nowadays portable air conditioners are also running. Now we talk about all three types of air conditioners and know which is best for you.

  • ​Split Air Conditioner
  • ​Windows Air Conditioner
  • ​Portable Air Conditioner

​Split Air Conditioner

Split air conditioner is the highest running air conditioner in India. It comes with 2 units, the first one is inside the room which gives us cool air and the second one is on the wall outside the room which has a compressor. Split air conditioners can be installed anywhere in the house. And this is why they run the most. Split air conditioners are more powerful than window air conditioners.

It is capable of cooling the room as well as the larger area such as the hall in a short time. You may have noticed that most of the 90% banks use split air conditioners. If there is no window in your room or you need a powerful air conditioner which is capable of cooling a very large area in a short time, then you should always go to the split air conditioner.

Advantage Of Split AC

  • Split air conditioners can be installed anywhere in the house.
  • ​It is capable of cooling large areas in a short time.
  • ​It does not take up space because it is mounted on the wall and does not even require a window.
  • ​It is more powerful than a window air conditioner.
  • ​The inverter technology of this air conditioner consumes less power.

Disadvantage Of Split AC

  • ​It is expensive.
  • ​It has to face difficulties in placing it from one place to another

Window AC

​Nowadays window air conditioners are less used. It has only one unit which is placed in a window, the room in front of which is cold and the condenser is at the back. The reason for using window AC is split AC because nowadays people prefer wall air conditioner instead window AC. Window air conditioners are more portable than split air conditioners.

If you have a window available where you can fit the air conditioner, then you should go towards the window AC. If you are thinking of getting a window air conditioner, then you should read its advantages and disadvantages carefully. But let me tell you personally that you should not take window air conditioner

Advantage Of Window AC

  • ​Is less expensive
  • ​There is not much problem in changing the place after applying it.
  • ​It is more portable

Disadvantage Of Window AC

  • It is less powerful
  • ​It uses more electricity according to its coolness
  • ​It is not useful for large areas
  • ​It is short lived
AC Buying Guide In 2020

Split AC Vs Window AC

Split Air ConditionerWindow Air Conditioner
ExpensiveNormal Price
​Low SoundVery High Sound
​Not PortablePortable
​Suitable For Halls , Bedrooms And Everywhere​Only Suitable For Rooms Where A Window

Portable Air Conditioner

Portable air conditioners are like coolers. Which can be moved from one room to another with immediate effect. It is suitable for those people who are living in rented house, it is sold very little in India right now but it can become a new future. This air conditioner can be moved like a cooler, just a window is required for this.

A pipe comes out of this portable air conditioner which needs to be left outside the window. You can take it, but I suggest that you take a split air conditioner, if you have been living in a rented house, then only you should take the portable air conditioner​ Friends, my suggestion is that you should take split air conditioner as far as possible.

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Inverter AC

​Nowadays you must have heard the name of your inverter AC and think that AC is needed to run on the inverter and you also think right but inverter AC does not mean that it runs on the inverter. This means that when you set the temperature of the air conditioner to 20, the normal air conditioner turns off after the 20 degree temperature means its compressor stops completely and when the temperature reaches 25 it will turn back on. It consumes a lot of electricity and it often takes time for the air conditioner compressor to turn on and also consumes more electricity.​

But the inverter air conditioners are not completely closed. And they stop their work and start working again as the temperature decreases. Thus this process works. Inverter air conditioners consume much less power than ordinary air conditioners. I will also share with you a video below about how inverter air conditioners work? I suggest you to take an inverter air conditioner, it is very good for you. If you find it too expensive, then I am sharing the best good air conditioners with you below

Normal ACInverter AC
On and OffCompressor Motor Always ON
Electricity Consumption Very HighElectricity Consumption More Less
​Reach To Desired Temperature Takes TimeQuickly
HighAppliance Lifetime Moderate
Price ExpensiveHighly Expensive

Size Of Air Conditioner

Now we talk about air conditioner size air conditioners are 3 to 4 sizes, mainly 1.5 ton air conditioner is the most used. I have already told you what is the importance of ton in air conditioner, If you put a big air conditioner in a small room, it is wrong, we should always choose the air conditioner according to the size of our room.

Below I have shared a table with you in which you will know which air conditioner is right for your room. So before taking air conditioner, first find out the size of your room and then confirm the size of the air conditioner according to this table. Below I am going to tell you the best best air conditioner of every size which is best for you, then you can buy any air conditioner from them.

AC CapacityRoom Size
0.75 Ton100-120 Sq. Ft
1 Ton​120-140 Sq
1.5 Ton​140-180 Sq.
2 Ton​180-240 Sq. Ft

​Electricity Calculation

​1 ton split air conditioner and 1 ton window air conditioner will have different power consumption. To reduce power consumption, you should use inverter or dual inverter air conditioner as well as air conditioner with maximum rating. Approximately 1.5 Ton of split air conditioner consumes 1 unit in 6-8 hours.

Best AC Brand In India

  • Bluestar
  • LG
  • Marq
  • ​Daikin
  • ​Haier
  • ​Voltas
  • ​Lloyd
  • ​Carrier
  • ​Hitachi
  • ​Mitsubishi
  • ​Onida
  • ​Godrej
  • ​O General
  • Samsung
  • Videocon

​Some Necessary Tips

​1. Friends, always take the air conditioner according to the size of your room. If you take a big or small air conditioner, it can be very wrong, then you should take an air conditioner of the size of your room.

​2. Friends, take inverter air conditioner as far as possible, it will be very good for you, it consumes less power. And if you can take a dual inverter air conditioner then take it

​3. As far as possible you take split air conditioner, it will be very good for you and if you have less window in your room then split air conditioner will be very good for you.

​4. You should not only take the air conditioner online, also find the AC you are going to get in your nearest showroom. Get all the information and then buy it from where you find it cheap.

​5.While installing the air conditioner, pay attention that you put the air conditioner slightly up because the hot air is above the light. And put the input unit above the output unit

Final Words

​I hope you friends have understood me. I have given you many information related to air conditioner in this entire article. I hope you have understood my point. I suggest you to take a split inverter air conditioner, for which air conditioner you should take, I have written another article in which I have talked about the best quality air conditioner. Which is best for you, so before taking an air conditioner, you should read both these articles and then take your new air conditioner. If you need any more information, you can contact me with the help of the contact forum.

Friends, if you are taking a new air conditioner, then read all these things carefully and if you do not understand which air conditioner to take, then I have written a another article on the best air conditioner. you should read this,its link in below. You just have to select the type and size of your air conditioner, after which you will know which air conditioner best for you in my article!!! Thanks